The Pleasance

Brilliant comedy (and theatre) venue in London and Edinburgh, producers of my solo shows and other great people like The Pin, Massive Dad, Coach Coach, and Mr Swallow - Houdini!.

The Invisible Dot

Innovative producers of 90% of my favourite shows over the last 6 years, including Mr. Swallow The Musical. Their venue is where to find interesting comedy in London.

The Free Association

Great London-based Improv troupe, putters on of fun shows and holders of excellent workshops in long-form improvisation.

The Fight In The Dog

Ambitious theatre company that let me in their supportive gang of brilliant, funny, and committed performers. Led by Liam Williams, Director Matt Bulmer and Producers Isobel David and Brid Kirby.

The Improverts

Edinburgh University's short-form improv school/theatre. Shows and workshops every week at Bedlam Theatre, where I got my start!

Nick Mohammed - Character comedian, ten other things, Mr. Swallow!

Kieran Hodgson - Character comedian, storyteller, fellow Swallow player.

Matt Peover - Thoughtful theatre and comedy director.

Freddie Tapner - Musical consultant on my solo shows and Siren, wonderful musical director, runs the London Musical Theatre Orchestra.

Thomas Martin - Brain boy, director of Siren.

Adam Riches - Character comedian, force of nature, Coach Coach!

Liz Kingsman - Comic actor, writer, improviser, sketch performer, fellow Centaur and Borderline officer.

Adam Hess - Lovely stand-up, sharer of wildly lopsided hours with me 'back in the day'.

Bearpit - Brilliant gang doing some of the stupidest stuff I've ever seen, sometimes they kindly let me join in.

Mike O-T - My improv teacher. A great improviser and a great teacher.

Chris Gau - Upbeat improviser, who along with Mike O-T created Borderline and gave me my first TV job.

Graham Dickson - Magnetic improviser/director, Austentatious, The FA etc.

Matt Holt - Director who took my stupid film idea and basically made it himself.

Jasper Fry - Ace photographer and old pal who has shot all my solo posters.

Imogen Lloyd - Brill artist and designer who created the poster for Siren.

Will Hitchins and Ed Cripps - Clever Writer/Producer/Directors who wrote a funny script and let me play a monster in it.

Khyan Mansley - Maker of actually interesting youtube stuff; he occasionally casts me, always as an emasculated man.

Richard Elms - Game developer, comic book writer, brother.